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Yandex Ad Server Integration

Preston Carey, US & UK Business Development at Yandex, has provided a useful summary on the current ad server and bid management platform integrations that Yandex supports.More details below - click the ad server or bid management tool … [Read more]

WapStart Report on Mobile Usage in Russia over 2012

While mobile has been a hot topic in the US/Western Europe this year, Russian marketers have been a little less switched onto this new opportunity. That often makes it harder to find facts on the topic. So we can all thank Anna Oshkalo, for … [Read more]

Apple iPhone 5 Usage in Russia

The iPhone 5 officially went on sale in Russia on 14th December last year. In total, 25,000 iPhone 5 devices were sold in the first 3 days. By comparison, more than 2 million iPhone 5 devices were sold in China, during the first 3 days since launch. … [Read more]

Yandex Report on iPad Search Behaviour in Russia

Yandex Labs have carried out an interesting study on iPad search behaviour in RuNet. Using data collected from Yandex Search and Yandex.Metrica, the company’s free web statistic tool that is installed on several million websites.Numbers of … [Read more]

Vkontake Fees For Commercial Applications

Vkontakte, the social media website, has decided to charge for commercial applications on their platform. This move brings commercial applications into the same category as 'sponsored' applications, that has previously been charged.Now all … [Read more]

Yandex Politely Suggests You RTFM

Yandex have pushed out a new feature to help users RTFM on technical searches. For example, searching for "c++ adjacent_find" users will get a relevant snippet from the source document.Example 1: Search for term "c++ adjacent_findExample … [Read more]

Yandex Shows 43% Growth in Russian Market

Yandex has shown healthy growth in their 2010 financial results. The company's ruble revenue* grew 43% compared to 2009 and reached 12.5 billion rubles ($410 million**).Like Google, Yandex’s business model is based principally on contextual … [Read more]

Russian Advertising Must Be in English – Update

Olga Razmumovskaya over at the The Moscow Times gives us an update on the current moves to clamp down on English advertising in Russia.The latest revival of the law began this month, with 3 companies having action taken against them, for using … [Read more]

Industry Viewpoint: Cigar Sales in Russia

Justin Lifflander over at The Moscow Times has written a very informative article on the cigar industry in Russia. Although the industry was hit by the global downturn, sales are due to return to normal levels by 2012.Luxury items perform well … [Read more]

Russian РФ (RF) Domain Names Now Available

Last Thursday the new .РФ (RF) domain name officially opened to public registration. The Registrar announced that 38'000 domains were registered that day alone, taking the total close to 200'000 registrations.The .РФ (RF) domain extension is the … [Read more]