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7th Russian Conference on SEO and Promotion of Sites

On the 11-12th of November 2008 will be the 7th Annual Conference by Ashmanov and Partners; “Search Engine Optimization and promotion of sites on the Internet”. Catchy title eh?

Last year 1100 people attended, including representatives from all the search engines in Russia (Yandex, Rambler,, Google). There is also an expo hall, where 26 businesses exhibited in 2007. The conference fee is 16,000 roubles (approx. $685).

I haven’t attended this conference yet but plan to this year. I’m not sure if translation will be provided but this was available at the recent conference for the first time. I can find out nearer the time if you express an interest here in the comments. This conference is supposed to be at a more advanced level than the other conferences or seminars in Russia.

Personally I have found the information at to be at a very low level. To give you an example, at one point in a seminar about advertising the speaker explained the meaning of CPM (cost per month). Igor Ashmanov himself was criticized for not giving away useful information in his presentation and keeping the material too vague. This was met with applause by the audience but he retorted that they could only expect so much from a free conference. I’ll put him to the test in November and report back.

More information and registration links can be found at (Russian only)

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