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Arkady Volozh CEO Yandex Interview CIF 2009 Prague

Here’s a video interview with Arkady Volozh, CEO Yandex from the Prague CIF conference, in english. Some of the key points are summerized below:

Interview Points

  • Yandex currently has 60% market share
  • Russia’s mathematical heritage gives them their edge over other search engines
  • Reasons they are better than Google? Better search, more localised informational services (i.e. Yandex Maps shows traffic jams in Moscow)
  • yandex-traffic-map

  • 90% of all search requests are for Russian content
  • They index the whole web now, not just Russian material
  • Finding talent is the key problem for Russian internet firms
  • They have 2yr training program with Russian universities to teach linguistics, clusters and information technology.
  • There is more money than brains in Russia. Viable ideas gain finance but finding talent is harder.
  • IPO was planned a year ago but postponed. Now we consider it as a possible option. Due to the economic environment but also we have enough liquidity at the moment to do without it.
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