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Nick Wilsdon

Nick Wilsdon works as a Content and Digital Strategy Consultant He manages online campaigns for the UK's leading telecom, finance and FMCG brands.

Yandex Autumn Report on the Russian Blogosphere

Yandex, the leading search engine in Russia, has released new figures this month on the Russian blogosphere. As usual this report is in Russian but I’ve translated the main points below in English. There are now 3.1m blogs in Runet, 2.6 times larger than at this time last year. The blogosphere in Russia represents 3% […]

25 Ways You Know You Have Been In Russia Too Long

I came across this post on the mailing list and it made me laugh. It definitely gives you some insight into Russian life, although some of the in-jokes are directed at the ex-pats living here. 1. You answer the phone with a deadpan “allo-a.” 2. When crossing the street, you sprint. 3. In winter, […]

1 Millionth .RU Domain Purchased

The Russian Scientific Research Institute of the Development of Social Network, which operates the .RU extension announced this week that the 1 millionth domain name has now been sold. The domain in question?, registered by Cyberbox Limited on Monday, September 17. This news comes hot on the heels of a recent Verisign report that […] Searches for Miss Internet has launched an annual competition to find the most beautiful girl in Runet. The winner will be crowned “Miss Internet” and represent for the next year. She will also receive a host of prizes, including a new Fiat car and dinner with singer Vlad Topalov. “Miss Internet 2007 is not the first project […]

Yandex Hides Backlink Count

Yandex, the leading search engine in Russia has now decided to hide the true number of incoming links to each domain, known as backlinks. There were previously two ways of finding out this information in the engine, the first was by using the command in the search bar (link=””), the second was by using the […]

Server Meltdown in Russian Heatwave

The 36C heat wave that hit Russia last week seemed to bring chaos to several internet systems and routers, with connections to Moscow grinding to a halt for most of the day. Russian search engine Rambler was one of the sites that seemed to get hit particularly hard. Worse yet, the server dealing with payments […]

Burton Learns That Translation Matters

The UK clothing chain Burton gives us marketers a timely reminder about the importance of correct translation. Full story via the Guardian. When Bristol university student Paddy Shuttleworth spotted an unassuming grey cotton T-shirt in his local Burton menswear shop, he was, to say the least, surprised; not by the price (a modest £12) but […]

Multilingual SERPs from Google Translate

Andy over at the Multilingual-SEO forum brought this to my attention. You can now browse translated SERPs for Google in several languages, included Russian. Check out a search for online poker. Very clever.

Russians Go Crazy for Ralph Lauren Handbags

The Moscow Times reports that Polo Ralph Lauren opened their first stores in Russia last week. Including one a 720-square-meter, three-story outlet amid the luxury shops in Tretyakovsky Passazh. On opening day all the "Ricky" handbags were sold out, a example of the growing success of the luxury goods market in Russia. The Ricky handbag, […]

WHOIS Privacy for .Ru Domains Causes Panic

The Russian Registry (Ru-Center) is considering plans to allow .ru domain owners to maintain anonymous registrations, otherwise known as WHOIS privacy. This will allow users to hide their personal details from public access. According to Andrei Vorobiev, head of the Public Relations at Ru-Center, they planned to maintain public access only to the domain owner’s […]