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Begun Release Book on Contextual Advertising

Contexual Advertising Runet is the contextual advertising provider for the Russian search engine Rambler and other leading Runet portals. They have just released a book on the topic of “Contextual Advertising on the internet”.

The authors include several key members of Begun’s own organisation, such as Victoria Aliyev – (Chief Analyst). Alexey Basov (Begun CEO) and Glavatskiy Dmitry. It also includes material from invited experts in Russia, such as Virin Fedir – (Research Director, Kuchumov Denis ( and Satine Dmitri – the head of the laboratory UsabilityLab.

It’s fair to say that the search industry in Russia is still in it’s early stages, much of the information is brought across and translated from the Western industry. So it’s always worth taking notice of material that originates from Russian experts on the Russian search industry. As we are qualified partners with, we were sent this volume as a gift but it is available for sale from Russian distributors.

Once we finish reading the book here, we’ll try and post some tips for you in English.

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