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Financing Why Financing? An efficient financial system is essential for ensuring that capital is efficiently allocated, that is, for capital to be productive and contribute to the country’s growth. Financing plays a fundamental role in promoting the

Ação Pró-Amazônia

A Ação Pró-Amazônia é uma Associação sem fins lucrativos formada pelas Federações das Indústrias dos Estados da Amazônia Legal, com sede em Brasília

Natural Resources and The Enviroment

Natural Resources and The Enviroment Why Natural Resources and the Environment? The lower availability of natural resources and consequent increase in their costs have made it imperative to strive for efficiency as a priority. Added to this is an inc

Small Industry Outlook

Small Industry Outlook The Industrial Entrepreneur Confidence Index (ICEI) for small businesses signaled a lack of confidence, and the Financial Situation Index showed a decline, indicating worse financial conditions.

Labor Relations

Labor Relations Why Labor Relations? The rules governing the relations between workers and employers play a key role in ensuring a functional labor market. They must be clear and easy to understand, so that companies and workers can be certain about

ICEI - Industrial Sectors

ICEI - Industrial Sectors In July 2023, there was an advance in confidence in 21 of 29 industrial sectors, in small and large companies, and in all regions of Brazil, except for the North region. As a result, four industrial sectors and small-scale i


Taxation Why Taxation? Paying taxes is a major element of the social contract. However, the level of taxes, their assessment basis, the method used for calculating them and the obligations attached to them must be negotiated with society. The costs i

Small Industry Outlook - Dezembro/2020

Small Industry Outlook - Dezembro/2020

Small Business

Small Business Main Activities Small Business Why Small Business? CNI incentivizes and supports small businesses, defending their differentiated and preferential treatment through public policies proposals and monitoring projects in the executive and

Small Industry Outlook - Outubro/2022

Small Industry Outlook - Outubro/2022

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