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Russian Advertising Must Be in English – Update

Olga Razmumovskaya over at the The Moscow Times gives us an update on the current moves to clamp down on English advertising in Russia. The latest revival of the law began this month, with 3 companies having action taken against them, for using English words in their advertising material. Apparently this is only the start. […]

Fined For English-Language Advertising in Russia

The Moscow Times reports that three companies are being investigated for the use of English words in their advertising. Federal law in Russia bans the use of foreign words in advertising with a potential fine of 100’000 to 500’000 rubles ($3,250 to $16,250). The companies targeted include Yaposhka-City, which owns Yaposha, a chain of Japanese […]

Russian Casinos Close Tomorrow Under New Law

The Russian law “About the State Regulation of Activities on Gambling” comes into effect tomorrow, forcing many casinos to shut their doors. . Although Vladimir Putin could not have foreseen the economic crisis when the law was proposed in 2006, the implementation could not have come at a worse time for Russia. An estimated 400’000 […]

Poker Officially Classified As Sport in Russia

Gambling companies have welcomed the news that poker is now officially classified as a “sport” in Russia following an order signed March 26 by the Federal Sports Agency head, Vyacheslav Fetisov. On June 26, 2007, Seven-Card Stud Poker, Omaha and Texas Hold’em were officially included in the All-Russia Registry of Sports. “This game doesn’t have […]

Russians Adopts Legal Definition of Internet Media

RBC Daily reports on the latest moves by the Russian government to adopt the first ever legal definition of “Internet media”. It will join print media, radio and TV in the Russian law “About Media” and receive the same legal recognition. According to Senator Vladimir Slutskera, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy, under […]

BlackHat SEO Acquitted By Russian Judge

The first ever Russian lawsuit brought against a BlackHat SEO was dismissed this week in St. Petersberg. The SEO in question had used trademarked terms belonging to other companies in the META tags of their clients’ sites. This was done in an attempt to rank their clients in the SERPs for these trademarked terms. Under […]

Online Poker Restricted Under New Russian Gambling Bill

This week President Putin introduced a new bill to clamp down on the gambling industry in Russia. The new bill entitled “About the State Regulation of Activities on Gambling” in currently in the project stage and has yet to be passed by the Russian Duma (government). In regard to offline gambling, the new bill proposes […]