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Yandex Report on iPad Search Behaviour in Russia

Yandex Labs have carried out an interesting study on iPad search behaviour in RuNet. Using data collected from Yandex Search and Yandex.Metrica, the company’s free web statistic tool that is installed on several million websites. Numbers of Users According this these data sources, by the end of January 2012: iPad visits made up at least […]

Twitter To Launch Cyrillic Interface

Twitter has confirmed that they will release a Cyrillic interface for their platform, in a conference between Twitter executives and Russian bloggers in San Francisco on Monday. Twitter also plans to localize its search and “trending” services for Russian users, as well as allow them to make posts via text messages, the report said. There […]

POIdo Leads Charge On Location-based Advertising in Russia

Location or geo-based advertising is a hot topic for the online marketing industry. FourSquare and Facebook have both made moves towards geo-marketing. Home-grown start-up POIdo has also entered the fray with their service. It’s definitely one to keep on your radar. POIdo has agreed publisher contracts with Yandex and maps, which enables they to […]

Fined For English-Language Advertising in Russia

The Moscow Times reports that three companies are being investigated for the use of English words in their advertising. Federal law in Russia bans the use of foreign words in advertising with a potential fine of 100’000 to 500’000 rubles ($3,250 to $16,250). The companies targeted include Yaposhka-City, which owns Yaposha, a chain of Japanese […]

Exploring The New Yandex Index

Well it’s been several hours now since Yandex launched their new global index; The reaction, judging by Twitter, seems overwhelmingly positive. Having had time to explore, here are some of my observations on the new service. Interesting Launch Strategy As has been pointed out on both the English and Russian side, this was a […]

Yandex Launches Global Search Engine

Today, Yandex launched their long-awaited global search engine, They have now moved from being a Russian-only service to a global search player, competing in several country-markets. As they state in the press release, this has been a long journey. I’ve been talking about this since 2008, when Yandex mentioned their plans at the […]

Russian Tech Delegation Meeting May 24th

[К русской версии] The next meeting for the Russian Tech Delegation (RusTechDel) is taking place in the meeting area next to the Yandex offices (16 Ulitsa Leva Tolstogo) on the Monday 24th May, from 4-7 pm. We thank Yandex, Arkady Volozh (Yandex CEO) and Esther Dyson ( for their support. The aim of the RusTechDel […]

InFact Launched To Spread Accurate Data on Russian Market

A new project for Runet web-analysts, called, has just been launched. It is non-commercial, and the main target is to spread accurate data on the Russian Internet market to the Western media. This is a great initiative for those interested in Russian marketing and the guys behind this start-up are experts on the subject. […]

Russian Tech Delegation Meeting April 18th

[К русской версии] The first follow up meeting for the Russian Tech Delegation (RusTechDel) is taking place at the Yandex offices at 16 Ulitsa Leva Tolstogo on the Sunday 18th April, from 3-6 pm. We thank Yandex, Arkady Volozh (Yandex CEO) and Esther Dyson ( for their support. The aim of the meeting is to […]

Yandex Co-opts Chrome Browser in Russia

Yandex, the leading search engine in Russia has released their own branded version of the Chrome browser. It’s an interesting move to co-opt the browser technology associated with Google, and use it to further the Yandex brand. Isn’t Chrome Licensed To Google? Although Google holds trademarks on “Google Chrome” and “Chromium”, the terms “Chrome” or […]