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FEATURE: Matt Cutts on Nofollow and the Siloing Solution

At Search Marketing Expo – SMX Advanced in Seattle last month, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s anti-spam team, said that nofollow-based “PageRank sculpting” was less effective than in the past. SEOs were left wondering how the change would affect their optimization efforts. As a panelist during the second day of the search engine marketing conference, […]

Firefox Browser Makes Yandex Default Russian Search

This week Mozilla produced a new version of Firefox browser – version 3.5 – and made Yandex the default search for Russian Internet users. For several months the Mozilla company has been collecting opinions and learning the behavior of Russian Internet users. This research showed them that a lot of users would like to see […]

Counter The Crisis With Reward Programs

John Rose, CEO of Rose Creative Strategies, writes for the Moscow Times on the subject of using reward schemes to encourage sales during these dark economic times. Interestingly he suggests cross-overs from traditional marketing into the internet, as “penetration is now sufficient in Russia to allow companies to launch national loyalty promotions inexpensively by fulfilling […]

Bringing Sexy Back With Miss Atom 2009

Never one to shy away from accusations of sexism, the classic “beauty contest” is a reliable technique in the Russian marketer’s toolkit. Even search giants such as have jumped on the idea with their Miss competitions. In an effort to bring some sexy back to Russian nuclear power, the industry launched a competition […]

Firefox Drops Google For Yandex Search

Josh Catone over at SitePoint reports that Firefox has decided to drop Google as their default search option for Yandex. This will effect all the versions they release for the Russian market. According to Mozilla General Counsel Harvey Anderson, the reason behind the change was a study of Russian user behavior conducted by Mozilla that […]

2008 Runet Awards Celebrate Russian Internet Leaders

The 2008 Russian Internet or Runet Awards were given away last week in a lavish ceremony held in Moscow. Russian singers and celebrities were among the audience as leading players in Russian internet industry were awarded for their contribution to the development of the Russian segment of the internet. The awards have been running since […]

Guy Kawasaki Launches Alltop Russia

Guy Kawasaki, arguably the interwebs most famous VC, has launched a Russian section for his news aggregator – Alltop. As Chris Shipley, the chairman of Guidewire Group and executive producer of DEMO explains in Guy’s blog: “Alltop is deceptively simple. The site gathers up the best suggestions from the most active social web users and […]

Russia Wins First Non-Latin Domain Extension .RF

After several months of speculation, ICANN have awarded Russia the first non-latin domain extension; .РФ (.RF). This will be available from next July according to Kommersant, the Russian newspaper The .РФ zone domains are expected to cover roughly 20 percent of current .RU, forecasted Dmitry Ufaev, the managing partner at RBC Hosting Center. Some 1.75 […]

Yandex Labs Opens Shop in Silicon Valley

As announced earlier this year, Yandex has finally opened their new offices in Silicon Valley, called Yandex Labs. Vish Makhijani, who previously held the position of Senior Vice President and General Manager of Yahoo Search, has joined Yandex in the position of President and CEO of their new US technology and business development facility. “We […]

How Will Google U-Turn Affect Gaming Advertising In Russia?

Google’s recent change of policy in the UK to allow PPC advertising for online gaming has re-opened the issue in the Russian markets. This Friday Google started to allow online gaming advertisers to again participate openly in their PPC program, Adwords. As NewMediaAge reports, the initial ban was enforced as part of a company-wide, global […]