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Interview With Vladimir Dolgov Head of Google Russia

This interview is a little old but well worth watching if you are interested in the Russian Internet. It was carried out in April this year by the Russia Today network with Vladimir Dolgov, Head of Google Russia. RT do not offer embedded video, so just click this link or the image below.

Leverage Your Brand Internationally Or Someone Else Will

This week Facebook has managed to throw MySpace from the No.1 spot, putting “considerably distance” between the two sets of audience figures. Facebook drew a massive 132m viewers in June while MySpace managed just 117.5m. The reason for this success? Facebook decided to embrace the multilingual audience and deliver the service in a range of […]

Ex-CEO Ashmanov On Latest Deal Between Rambler and Google

On the 27th July, Radio Station Ekho Moskvi (Moscow Echo) invited the ex-Managing Director of Rambler for an interview on the latest deal between Rambler and Google. This is an English translation of the show you can watch below: Igor Ashmanov started his interview with answering some questions about his web service, search engine analyzer […]

Yandex Start To Index Non-Russian Internet

Yandex has announced that they will now be indexing documents in languages other than Russian. Previously they had kept non-Russian content out of their index, but now accept that their user base want to search for International or non-Russian sites. They often do this via Yandex’s main rival in Russia, Google. As a stop-gap measure […]

Moscow Most Expensive City In World…Again

For the third year running Moscow has topped the list of the most expensive cities worldwide. Tokyo took second place with London dropping to third position. The famous list is drawn up each year by the human resources firm Mercer as a guide for expatriate expenses. It attempts to measure usual expenses for over 200 […]

Russia Becomes Largest Car Market in Europe

Further news growth in the Russian market has come from Renaissance Capital, the Moscow based investment group. Their automotive and transport team predict that Russia will be the #1 car market in Europe in 2008 with 3.3mln cars being sold. Eduard Faritov, Transport Analyst at Renaissance Capital, said: “We are observing incredible change in demand […]

Turkmenistan Joins the Internet Revolution

The Associated Press reports that Turkmenistan has begun to allow private citizens to connect to the internet. Previously internet access was restricted to government employees, diplomatic posts and offices of major international companies. The average monthly salary in Turkmenistan is $200, so it is unlikely that many can afford the price of a home connection, […]

Russian Search Engine Spiders and User-Agents

It’s important to know the main user-agents and search engine spiders in Runet. This can give you information on the indexing of your site, if you understand the various roles each search engine robot plays. It can also allow you to see when your competitors or link partners are cloaking their content. Inserting the following […]

MTS Launching 3G Telephone Services Across Russia

Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), Russia’s largest mobile-phone company, have announced their plans to introduce 3G telephone services in several key cities. Faster wireless services will give users quicker downloads and new capabilities, such as mobile television. Earlier this month MTS announced their plans to launch 3G in Moscow by 2009 but they have now added 4 […]

New Beta Interface for Rambler

Rambler is often criticized for their lack of development. Google has set the pace and Yandex has more than caught up, released a wide range of applications and services. So it’s good to see some developments at Rambler, which currently holds no.2 position by Russian IP. Change has come in the form of a new […]