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C-IB 2008 Roundup Post

I’ve just about caught up from the C-IB 2008 ‘Internet and Business’ Conference last week. This is now the largest conference in Russia with 3500 people registering this year (up by 1500 on 2007). Take note SES and SMX, this scene is developing quickly and people are hungry for conferences. Admittedly the popularity of CIB […]

Yandex Expands Payment System With Banking Partners

Yandex has announced a partnership with the Russian Development Bank (RBR) to expand their online payment system. Now payments to and from Yandex Money can be made from any of the ATMs belonging to the bank. As usual payments onto the system are free but withdrawals attract a 2% commission. Web Money is still the […]

Yandex Offer Free Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software

Yandex, the leading Russian search engine has signed a deal with Kaspersky Anti-Virus to bundle their software free of charge into their desktop application, Ya Online. Kaspersky has an understandably strong following in Russia, where it was founded in 1997. Although the companies head office is still in Moscow, they have expanded globally with offices […]

Broken Link on seems to have a broken link this morning. When you choose to visit in English it takes you to – resulting in the following error page: Not Found The requested URL /ncr&ei=bNXgR7KsKo6iwgGmuKHVCA&redir_esc=www5 was not found on this server. Of course this isn’t a problem for anyone searching in Russian but annoying for […]

Russian Gmail Art Video

Reah Guevarra over at Google Maven stumbled upon a great advert by the Google team in Moscow. A massive Gmail art project involving 162 meters of gray tape, 45 lego pieces, 12 cans of spray paint, 2 kilograms of millet porridge, 1 mop, and 1 saw! It will be interesting to see Google’s level of […]

3rd Annual Internet and Business Conference CIB-2008

The third annual “Internet and Business” conference has been announced this week. CIB-2008 is by far the largest conference in Russia and attracted over 2000 visitors last year. It is attended by almost all the major internet companies in Russia, including of course the search giants Yandex, Begun,, Rambler and Google. The conference is […]

Russians Invest $30m in Social Network Badoo

Yakov Sadchikov, CEO of Quintura, reports that the Russian group Finam has invested $30m US for a 10% share in social site Badoo. The funds are to bring the site over to Russia, where social applications have grown strongly over the last year. There are now an estimated 10 million users in the Russian social […]

25 Ways You Know You Have Been In Russia Too Long

I came across this post on the mailing list and it made me laugh. It definitely gives you some insight into Russian life, although some of the in-jokes are directed at the ex-pats living here. 1. You answer the phone with a deadpan “allo-a.” 2. When crossing the street, you sprint. 3. In winter, […]

1 Millionth .RU Domain Purchased

The Russian Scientific Research Institute of the Development of Social Network, which operates the .RU extension announced this week that the 1 millionth domain name has now been sold. The domain in question?, registered by Cyberbox Limited on Monday, September 17. This news comes hot on the heels of a recent Verisign report that […] Searches for Miss Internet has launched an annual competition to find the most beautiful girl in Runet. The winner will be crowned “Miss Internet” and represent for the next year. She will also receive a host of prizes, including a new Fiat car and dinner with singer Vlad Topalov. “Miss Internet 2007 is not the first project […]