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The Internet & Business Conference 2007

The 2nd Internet and Business Conference will be held on the 18th-20th April 2007. The conference is a unique event to network with the leading companies within Runet, and attend lectures/roundtable discussions on the events shaping the industry. Registration is free of charge but must be made in advance. This can be done from March […]

Russian SU domain is here to stay

The old .su (soviet union) extension looks set to stay according to CNews. Protests by existing .su domain holders, from threats of legal action to calls to boycott ICANN, have persuaded the regulatory body to cancel plans to delete the domain. ICANN made moves last year to delete several domain extensions, listed as ‘being phased […]

Good luck to everyone in 2007

Well the snow has been missing but we’re very much into 2007 now. We’d like to wish everyone a successful year in their marketing efforts in Runet. PPC spend is doubling year on year over here in Russia and there couldn’t be a more exciting industry to be involved in. This will also be the […]

Russian Search Engine Queries

A lot of our work at e3internet consists of high quality link building for clients. To do this we need to know how to use the Russian search engines to their full potential (Yandex/Rambler and Google). To make things easier for my link building teams here I developed a cheatsheet for all the main link […]

Pay-Per-Call Marketing in Begun, the contextual advertising network provider, has started to offer Pay-Per-Call advertising on their listings. They currently provide the adverting for Rambler, the No. 2 search engine in Russia and a network of other leading Runet site. Once you sign up you get a special icon next to your contextual ads (see screenshot below). If […]

Online marketing in Russia

Welcome to Russian marketer. This humble blog hopes to become the No.1 resource for professionals wanting to explore the online market in Russia. I’ll be bringing you the latest news from Runet plus commentary, statistics and analysis. I also want to encourage discussion over Russian culture – differences and similarities to the West and how […]

Poll Shows Russian Language Popular in Ukraine

The Kiev International Sociological Institute, under contract from the US, conducted an opinion poll of 2,021 Ukrainians by the end of 2005. The results of which were published by the REGNUM News Agency today. According to the research, despite the fact that 76.7% of the respondents consider themselves to be Ukrainians and only 18.2% consider […]

New Advertising Law Pressures Online Gambling in Russia

Offline gambling has exploded in Russia in the last three years, particularly in Moscow. It is an estimated $5 billion annual business and draws players to both high-class casinos and the one-rouble slots in small arcades. Russia, the world’s second-largest country by population with an all-cash culture that favours spending over saving may soon rival […]