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Vkontake Fees For Commercial Applications

Vkontakte, the social media website, has decided to charge for commercial applications on their platform. This move brings commercial applications into the same category as ‘sponsored’ applications, that has previously been charged. Now all businesses who want to launch applications on Vkontakte for promotional purposes will need to sign a contract with the company. They […]

Mobile Operators Give Vkontakte Users Free Access

The Russian mobile operators MTS and Beeline have agreed to provide free web access to the social platform Vkontakte. Founder Paul Durov confirmed the move on the company blog, We are pleased to announce that, through cooperation with mobile operators, MTS and Beeline are free to use a lightweight version This means that if […]

Facebook Opening Russian Office

The MoscowTimes reports that FaceBook is in talks on cooperation with Russian mobile operators and is opening up an office in Russia. Within a few days, Facebook will announce the opening of its Russian office, said Unova Media, organizer of the Russian Internet Technologies conference, where Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s top software engineer, made a presentation. […]

Yandex Release Russian Twitter Statistics

Yandex, the leading search engine in Russia was quick to adopt Twitter. Last September they started publishing a list of the most popular Twitterati and including the service on their blog section, which shows statistics for many social platforms. Now they have released a short PDF report which lists some key statistics for the Twitter […]

TNS Web Index Report On VKontakte and Odnoklassniki

TNS have released the December 2009 report on the leading sites in Runet. Although the report is in Russian, the statistics are easy enough to understand. As a nod to Alex Howard (@digiphile) who I met online at the #rustechdel, here are the findings on Russia’s leading social networks, and Editors Note: […]

Russian AntiMonopoly Service Blocks Google Deal

According to Interfax, Googles proposed deal to puchase the contexual ad provider,, for $140m was shot down by the Russian Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) on Thursday. The reason cited has been a lack of clear information on the “individuals who can exert influence on the activity of the Google group, as well as a list […]

CAC2008 Moscow Conference June 7-8 2008

The Casino Affiliate Convention (CAC) is one of the largest industry events on internet wagering marketing and advertising, and also covers both internet and traditional marketing. They have invited me back to their next conference in Moscow this week to speak on the topic of Social Media in Russia. I really enjoyed the Amsterdam Conference […]

Women Dominate the Russian Blogosphere

Statistics released by the search engine Yandex indicates that it is women not met who are building the blogosphere in Russia. The average blogger in the country is female and 22 year old. This group has also matured over the six months, the previous average age being 21. Female bloggers are more likely to keep […]

LiveJournal Protests Cut Post Count By 15%

Anton Volnuhin at the Yandex blog reports on last Friday’s protest at LiveJournal. Bloggers are complaining that the administration fails to listen to their users. They are also protesting about the possible closure of “basic” LiveJournal accounts, which are free but do not contain any advertising. As you can see in the graph below, figures […]