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Introduction To Yandex Image Search

yandex_logoYandex has a unique approach to image search on their search engine. Rather than simply listing images they find on the internet, they link these together in groups.

medvedev-computerAs you see here with the image of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (view search) To the right of the image Yandex lists all the page locations where they have found the image to be published. They also show the image dimensions of the copies.


This functionality gives Yandex image search an advantage over Google. You are able to find several articles that link to the same image. It makes finding information through connected images quicker and more efficient.

In terms of optimisation, Yandex’s image bot (Yandex/1.01.001 (compatible; Win16; P) can identify the same image, even if the filename has been changed.

Placing several links on the same image encourages cross-traffic, so there is a good case for finding popular or current images and using them on your blog posts to build image search traffic. Mind the copyright on the image though, this function means that royalty owners can quickly see who has published copies.

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