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Online marketing in Russia

Welcome to Russian marketer. This humble blog hopes to become the No.1 resource for professionals wanting to explore the online market in Russia. I’ll be bringing you the latest news from Runet plus commentary, statistics and analysis. I also want to encourage discussion over Russian culture – differences and similarities to the West and how to account for that in your marketing strategy. Multilingual marketing is all about understanding the local audience.

I’ve lived and worked in Russia since 2003. In that time I’ve helped many well known US and European companies enter the market here. Operating successfully in Russia requires a unique knowledge set, I’m hoping working on this blog will help expand that for myself as much as others.

Ok that’s the brief of this site. Comments are always welcome.

About Anna Wilsdon

Nick Wilsdon works as a Content and Digital Strategy Consultant He manages online campaigns for the UK's leading telecom, finance and FMCG brands.

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