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Pay-Per-Call Marketing in Begun, the contextual advertising network provider, has started to offer Pay-Per-Call advertising on their listings. They currently provide the adverting for Rambler, the No. 2 search engine in Russia and a network of other leading Runet site. … [Read more]

Ashmanov & Co.’s annual SEM conference 06

Ashmanov & Co. are hosting the conference “Search optimisation and site promotion in the internet” on the 16th-17th November 2006 in Moscow. Yandex, and Google will be attending the event.Places at the conference cost 15000r … [Read more]

Online marketing in Russia

Welcome to Russian marketer. This humble blog hopes to become the No.1 resource for professionals wanting to explore the online market in Russia. I’ll be bringing you the latest news from Runet plus commentary, statistics and analysis. I also want to … [Read more]

Online Poker Restricted Under New Russian Gambling Bill

This week President Putin introduced a new bill to clamp down on the gambling industry in Russia. The new bill entitled “About the State Regulation of Activities on Gambling” in currently in the project stage and has yet to be passed by the Russian … [Read more]

Poll Shows Russian Language Popular in Ukraine

The Kiev International Sociological Institute, under contract from the US, conducted an opinion poll of 2,021 Ukrainians by the end of 2005. The results of which were published by the REGNUM News Agency today.According to the research, despite … [Read more]

New Advertising Law Pressures Online Gambling in Russia

Offline gambling has exploded in Russia in the last three years, particularly in Moscow. It is an estimated $5 billion annual business and draws players to both high-class casinos and the one-rouble slots in small arcades. Russia, the world’s … [Read more]