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Pay-Per-Call Marketing in Begun

pay-per-call.png, the contextual advertising network provider, has started to offer Pay-Per-Call advertising on their listings. They currently provide the adverting for Rambler, the No. 2 search engine in Russia and a network of other leading Runet site.

Once you sign up you get a special icon next to your contextual ads (see screenshot below). If the user clicks this they are prompted to enter their telephone number. Begun then organize a time for a call between them and your client.

The cost for this service is roughly 20x the usual CPC for contextual ads on the same keywords. That is a pretty good deal for a qualified telephone lead, providing you have someone who can close the deal in Russian.

They promote the service for advertisers who don’t have a web site or have difficulty in describing their services. Once you factor in the price and call time, I would suggest it is more suitable for high value goods or services.

Yandex have also recently pushed the idea of adding telephone numbers to their contextual adverts but Begun have taken one step further in organizing the actual call.


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