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Russians Adopts Legal Definition of Internet Media

RBC Daily reports on the latest moves by the Russian government to adopt the first ever legal definition of “Internet media”. It will join print media, radio and TV in the Russian law “About Media” and receive the same legal recognition.

According to Senator Vladimir Slutskera, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy, under the definition of “Internet Media” are all the online versions of traditional media: newspapers, magazines, radio and television, as well as those Internet resources that are voluntarily registered. Internet resources that do not engage in professional journalism, such as online shopping, online profiles, chat rooms, online conferences, personal blogs, social networks, dating sites, clubs and other interests are excluded from the definition.

Anna Artamonova, VP and Director of Marketing and PR Mail.Ru was pleased that the bill was an attempt to define what resources can be considered Internet media, and that all sites were not automatically included. “It’s good that registration of sites as “Internet Media” is voluntary, we unequivocally support and welcome this”.

“Registration and legal registration of Internet media is required to deal with the increased number of legal conflicts and disputes relating to information posted on the Internet”, said Senator Slutskera. “The legal vacuum on these issues and lack of clear legal rules is forcing the courts to be guided by their own subjective assessments”.

According to the senator, this innovation will not restrict the activities of the Internet media, on the contrary, after adopting a “small number of commitments” registered Internet resources will receive substantial privileges and rights comparable with traditional media.

The bill is expected to be submitted to the Russian parliment (Duma) before the end of this year. On Tuesday, its principal provisions were approved by a majority of committee members of the Federation Council on Information Policy.

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