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Ex-CEO Ashmanov On Latest Deal Between Rambler and Google

On the 27th July, Radio Station Ekho Moskvi (Moscow Echo) invited the ex-Managing Director of Rambler for an interview on the latest deal between Rambler and Google. This is an English translation of the show you can watch below: Igor Ashmanov started his interview with answering some questions about his web service, search engine analyzer […]

Russian Search Engine Spiders and User-Agents

It’s important to know the main user-agents and search engine spiders in Runet. This can give you information on the indexing of your site, if you understand the various roles each search engine robot plays. It can also allow you to see when your competitors or link partners are cloaking their content. Inserting the following […]

New Beta Interface for Rambler

Rambler is often criticized for their lack of development. Google has set the pace and Yandex has more than caught up, released a wide range of applications and services. So it’s good to see some developments at Rambler, which currently holds no.2 position by Russian IP. Change has come in the form of a new […]

7th Russian Conference on SEO and Promotion of Sites

On the 11-12th of November 2008 will be the 7th Annual Conference by Ashmanov and Partners; “Search Engine Optimization and promotion of sites on the Internet”. Catchy title eh? Last year 1100 people attended, including representatives from all the search engines in Russia (Yandex, Rambler,, Google). There is also an expo hall, where 26 […]

View Your Competitors Statistics with Rambler 100

Rambler is the second most popular search engine for Russian users with roughly 22% market share. One of their more popular tools is the Rambler Top 100 List, which shows the most popular sites in Runet. All you have to do to be included in this directory is to make use of their free online […]