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Vkontakte Release New Application Rules the leading social media network in Russia has released new rules on applications [in Russian w/ Vkontakte access].

Previously Vkontakte developers had been able to offer users virtual currency for inviting their friends to participate in the applications. This in effect encouraged application users to spam and create fake user profiles. Andrey Rogozov, Commercial services developer at VKontakte, explains that applications should not encourage users to send invitations to their friends.

This rule does not apply if the application requires a certain number of players or friends to have also installed the application, as part of the gameplay.

While Vkontake have stopped this particular tactic, they are promising to open “more advanced and convenient ways of promoting applications”, such as giving developers access to the news action, email and other functions of the site.

Vkontake have also changed the rule demanding that applications are exclusive to their platform. Applications can now be hosted on any social media platforms of the CIS. The new rules take effect today.

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