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Yandex Ad Server Integration

Preston Carey, US & UK Business Development at Yandex, has provided a useful summary on the current ad server and bid management platform integrations that Yandex supports.


More details below – click the ad server or bid management tool name:

Adobe AdLens integration with Yandex

Adobe has been integrated for several years with Yandex and runs some of Yandex’s largest clients. AdLens uses their proprietary search forecasting algorithms to best predict bids for their clients.
– Yandex

The application programming interface integration with Baidu, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo/Bing, and Yandex, as well as real-time bidding integration with leading ad exchanges and supply-side platforms, simplifies search marketing campaigns.
– Adobe AdLens

IgnitionOne integration with Yandex

IgnitionOne integrated with Yandex in 2013 and supports both analytics and bid management.

Click here to see IgnitionOne’s education piece on Yandex search

Kenshoo integration with Yandex

Kenshoo has a longstanding integration with Yandex but is limited only to analytics on activity on Yandex search.

Marin Software integration with Yandex

Launched in 2014 Marin has introduced a complete integration covering analytics, bid management and campaign management.

Adspert integration with Yandex

Launched in 2013 Adspert focuses on very easy to use and quick setup that integrates directly with Yandex.Metrica.

IntelliAd integration with Yandex

Launched in 2013 Intelliad’s integration with Yandex incorporates all aspects of the Yandex.Direct API.

RefinedAds integration with Yandex

One of Yandex’s oldest partners in Germany Refined Ads operates across all aspects of the API also.

Are there any enterprise integrations that Yandex needs to be looking at, leave your feedback in the comments.

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