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Yandex Autumn Report on the Russian Blogosphere

Yandex, the leading search engine in Russia, has released new figures this month on the Russian blogosphere. As usual this report is in Russian but I’ve translated the main points below in English.

  • There are now 3.1m blogs in Runet, 2.6 times larger than at this time last year.
  • The blogosphere in Russia represents 3% of the global blogosphere total but this figure is now larger than the worldwide share of Russian users (2%) on the internet
  • There are more Russian language blogs than French, German or Portuguese ones, but less than blogs in Spanish, Italian, Chinese, English or Japanese.
  • More than 75% of Russian blogs are hosted on,,, and
  • About 7000 new blogs appear daily in Runet. There are about 120′000′000 recorded there now.
  • Most blogs (60%) belong to female bloggers. However this figure has fallen since the first quarter this year (was 64%).
  • The average blogger is 22 years old (1 year increase on last year)
  • About 70% live in Russia, largest other geographic locations are USA and Ukraine.
  • 1/3 of Russian bloggers have 10 friends

Blog Usage

The diagram below shows the total number of active blogs (yellow) per platform. The blue lines indicate abandoned blogs.

Russian Blog Usage by Platform

Advertisers may note that Yandex provides the contexual advertising for LiveJournal (Yandex Direct)

You may download the report in Russian by clicking this link

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