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Yandex Release Russian Twitter Statistics

twitter bird Yandex Adopts Twitter in RussiaYandex, the leading search engine in Russia was quick to adopt Twitter. Last September they started publishing a list of the most popular Twitterati and including the service on their blog section, which shows statistics for many social platforms.

Now they have released a short PDF report which lists some key statistics for the Twitter service in Russia.

  • Yandex estimates 183 thousand Russian accounts on Twitter
  • More than 60% of Russian-speaking users update their Twitter stream every day
  • 67% of all Tweets contain links, 8% of Tweets contain links to the media.
  • During the winter 2009-2010 the number of Russian-speaking users on Twitter has increased by 42%. In the year period from March 2009 to March 2010, by 26%.
  • About 150 thousand Tweets (messages) are posted each day in Russian. 5% of them are ReTweets.
  • There are more than 125 thousands links published on Twitter each day.
  • Yandex studies more than 20 microblogging services in RuNet. Every day, more than 2 millions entries are made.
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  1. Oh, just wanted to write about it on my blog, but you were first =)

  2. Nick Wilsdon says

    Sorry Verona =) If it’s any consolation you’re on my resources list as a must-read blog in this space.

    BTW Awesome post on using LiveInternet for keyword traffic stats. Hopefully I can throw that to my programmers to play with this week. I may swap you tool access for beer next time you’re in town ;-)

  3. Ohhh sucks that liveinternet doesn’t show the graph anymore.. Good you noticed! I was going around and telling people how great it was :(((
    I just found some kind of click stats related to keywords: .. but not sure what they are exactly..

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